Shades of Life

A guitar instrumental, recorded in April 2018, using a Fender Showmaster Stratocaster and BCR Mockingbird through a Boss GT1 guitar processor directly into the recording deck.

Mind Escape

A guitar instrumental, utilizing some middle eastern modes and scales as well as conventional minor scales/key signatures. Guitars used for this recording were Fender acoustic, PRS custom 24 (Duncan pickups), BCR Mockingbird Tiger, Schecter 7 string, BCR Bich 10 string. Recorded in April 2018.


Beginning with a soft piano/classical guitar intro, it quickly transforms into a hard rock, high energy song. The meaning of the lyrics is related to the destructive nature of modern culture and its effect/damage done to the traditional female role. Recorded in January 2018.


A pleasant guitar instrumental that begins with a lone PRS S2 guitar and builds into a soothing and clean piece of music, using my Fender Showmaster Strat guitar. It changes from major to minor key and ends with an overdrive guitar segment. 

I Will Remember You

Once a guitar instrumental, I realized that this is such a lyrical piece, so I wrote words for it, dedicated to Zena. She has shown such a good soul and her kind spirit helped me through a very difficult time. Recorded in May 2018.

Snake in the Blues

A straightforward, traditional blues guitar instrumental, merely for the purpose of showcasing the beautiful tone of my Showmaster Strat as well as some chromatic interpretation of standard blues. Recorded in September 2017.

For My Children

Classical, acoustic and electric guitar, dedicated to my wonderful children.

Deeply Estranged

Vocal song written and recorded in June 2018.

Thinking of Her (instrumental version)

Guitar instrumental


Cry Your God

Guitar Instrumental, using Schecter Godzilla, Fender Showmaster Strat, Takamine Koa Acoustic

Should I Try (how much I love you)

Written for a very special woman to me, Kim Chung.

Awake the Rest

A piece that begins with a lyrical melody, progresses into a break section and then falls deeply into a powerful heavy metal ending.