A classical piece written about my beloved mother. The words are about  how her immense and unconditional love affected me both in life and after I lost her.

Aria of Darkness

A guitar instrumental that travels from lyrical, pleasant melodies to classical guitar and finally into heavy metal. The guitars used were Ramirez 1a and BCR Mockingbird.

What Love Really Is

A song that I wrote years ago but recorded recently in February 2018. The lyrics are related to the anguish of lost love.

Breaking Out

High Energy hard rock vocal song.

Black Winter

Eerie guitar instrumental music.

Evil We Were

Guitar Instrumental beginning with middle eastern scales/modes and traveling through several sections/changes and key signatures. Many guitars and different tones were used for this music; acoustic, classical, electric guitars.


An original classical guitar piece

Enter The Demon

A vocal song about the dangers of the demons that can be hidden inside a beautiful woman

Since You've Been Away

A love song of loss that I dedicated to my beloved Auntie Ro

I Want Her Love

A romantic song with my children, Deron and Johnny singing in the chorus section.


A melodic neo-classical guitar instrumental.

Death Loves All

High Energy Heavy Metal, using a Schecter Hellraiser 7 string guitar for a dark, powerful rhythm tone and a BCR Mockingbird for the solos.

Decked in Blood

You want more metal music? Here it is.......


Beginning as a soft, bluesy guitar instrumental, using one of my favorite guitars, the custom shop Stratocaster Showmaster.

Killer Instinct

A guitar instrumental fusion of heavy metal and classical guitar.